Sunday, January 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I picked up a cardboard playhouse when Christmas went 75% off at CVS (shameless plug). I set it aside and told Vince we'd open it on a rainy day. He found it today and pitifully said, "Can it be a rainy day?"....what can I say, I'm a of course we opened that baby up! I didn't expect it to be so......BIG (that's what she said.....HA!)! We started coloring it right away....

And Vince tested out all the doors:
And windows to make sure they were operating properly:

When Daddy woke up and saw what we had gotten into, he was pretty excited too! He couldn't wait to "salvage" the crappy job we did! Daddy has a slight OCD problem :)
Can you tell what part Daddy did?!?!?!
Vince added his chair and some books and toys to his new house and bragged about it at the Baby Shower we went to later. Now if only it didn't take up half my living room :)



  1. That is soo awesome! I've never seen one of those! Cate would love one! I'll have to keep my eye out next year! :)

  2. We tried this with Anna and didn't last long!

    Oh and GO PACKERS!