Sunday, July 21, 2013

First ER trip

So, it seems that I jinxed us last week when I showed the pics of Dom's nose booboo.  I was at work one night and get this picture via text from Tony.....yeah, I freaked out!
Dom fell and hit a coffee table and had a large gash above his eye.  Tony took him to the ER and he needed 5 stitches.  Poor thing had to have them put in without anything to numb it since it was so close to his eye.  He was brave and did a great did Daddy!  Here's the next day image.   His eye was bruised for a few days and the stitches lasted about a week but instead of teaching him a lesson, I'm pretty sure it built up his confidence and he'll be at it again in no time.  I should probably start looking at changing my insurance to lower urgent care copays.  

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