Sunday, July 21, 2013

OBX Part 1

We just got home from a great week at the beach (and by beach I mostly mean pool)!!  Here we were all loaded up and ready to hit the road.  iPads-check, 3DS- check, DVD player- check, pacis-check...let's go!  Corolla here we come!
 We arrived to this beautiful home.  It was like Pottery Barn meets the beach.
The back of the house and the awesome pool!  See why we mostly stayed home and went swimming in the pool!!!

 The boys also loved taking baths in the big tub!

 I love this look on him!  Isn't he adorable!?!?!

 Wow, that kid has a ton of hair!
We weren't right on the beach but it wasn't too far and there was a public access pretty close by.  We headed out to the beach one night....

And no surprise, Dom was a fan!  He actually ran right in and Tony barely caught him.  Scared me half to death.
 Vince is still pretty afraid of the ocean...likes the sand but not the water.

 Half his legs and feet were buried in the sand....

 I love these boys!
 Dom was so sandy and wet that we had to strip him down to get in the car.
The evening was so much fun, we headed back out the next morning.  

 But the beach is so........sandy.  We only lasted like 45 minutes before we went back to the pool...we just aren't beach people.  This is so much better!!!

 Lunch on the patio every day...ending with cold yummy popsicles!  I love this life!
We found some hole-in-the-wall burger joint that was AWESOME and went to Jennette's Pier one night....its quite a little drive from Corolla and someone fell asleep in the back seat with me.  
 Looking out at the ocean...

Must go put my munchkins in bed (on time) for the first time all week!  Part 2 to come later tonight!  

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