Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Instagram upload

Less than 1 week till vacation!!  I'm so excited!  Hope y'all are ready for a boatload of pics from the beach/pool...till then my Instagram Upload will have to do!  

Vince fell asleep like this one afternoon.  It cracks me up that Vince is kinda obsessed with Luigi (the tall skinny brother) and Dom is obsessed with Mario (the shorter stockier brother)...kinda fitting, right?
 We like to be lazy on weekend mornings....we don't really get "started" till after nap most days :)
 We met Erin, Hannah, and Ellie at Chuck E Cheese's one morning.  The kids had a great time....lets hope nobody gets sick :)

 Here's a sumo wrestling picture...if you haven't seen the video, scroll down a few entries.
 Brothers (finally) playing together.
 Vince and I wanted to see Despicable Me 2 as soon as it came out and we sure did!  We saw the first showing at our theater.  It was SO GOOD!
 Ready for our movie....
 Fruit kabobs for 4th of July....
 Dinosaur sensory bin (dino hunt).
 Yes, there was rice EVERYWHERE...but nothing the Dyson couldn't tackle.
 Dom has now learned how to take pics with my phone.  I found this selfie on there.  Dom, this is not a flattering angle.
 One of many many many boo-boos to come for this kid.  Pretty sure a padded helmet would be helpful and may be the only way he survives childhood.  This kid is crazy.  He is "balls to the wall" 24/7.  He never stops.  I told Tony it's Karma getting back at him for his childhood....not quite sure what I did to deserve it though :)  HAHA...kidding, as much trouble as he is, those big brown eyes and that smile get me every time.
I have a few pool pics to post from this past weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's pool...but not many as I was playing "catch the wild baby before he jumps in headfirst without a life jacket".

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