Sunday, December 15, 2013

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It's been quite a week!  Some good, some not so glad it's over!  I got to shop with my mother-in-law, take the boys to see Santa, watch the boys in their Christmas program, and get the Norovirus....I take that back, we ALL got to get the Norovirus.  OOOF.  

Here's some pics from when we saw Santa at the mall...Raggedy Ann and Andy were there too. Dom is terrified of mascot like people...wanted NOTHING to do with them.  

We rushed from the mall back to daycare for their Christmas program.  I'll try to post video soon too.  This smile makes me unbelievably happy...and the giggle that comes out is the greatest sound on earth.  He's SO adorable...but I know I'm biased.
 And this character.  I said "Vince, act normal", he said "I am"....he's got a point.  This is totally normal Vince.  Love him.
Each class did a little poem or song about Christmas traditions around the world.  Here's Dommy's class.  They talked about China and sang Jingle Bells...and Dom just played with his shirt.
Vince's class talked about Kwanza and sang a Kwanza song.

 Vince got the "bug" first.  He stayed home with me Thursday and played Legos all day.
 Here's the kids new ornaments this year.  Buzz for Dom and the new light up "Santa stop here" ornament for Vince.
 This kid usually never sleeps till the sun is out so when it was 8am one morning and he was still asleep I had to make sure he was still ok....yep, just does he sleep like that?
 Laying low while we recuperate...
 Friday is "show and tell" day at daycare so Dom brought his sock monkey to match...himself :)
While I worked today and Tony stayed home with Dom (poor guy still not well), Vince spent a few hours with grandma and grandpa.  My mom sent me this pic of Grandpa teaching Vince how to play poker.  I'm not sure which one enjoyed the bonding time more.  Tonight, I asked Vince if he beat Grandpa and he said "Yeah, every time and it was my first time playing.  Grandpa's a good teacher but not a good player"...hahaha!  I didn't have the heart to tell him that Grandpa probably let him win :)    Either way, all gambling debts and counseling for gambling addiction are going straight to their house.

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