Monday, December 23, 2013


I can't believe today is Christmas Eve Eve.  CRAZY!  These last few weeks have gone by so fast. Here's the latest Instagram pics.  

This is from last weekend, when Dommy wasn't feeling well.  I know you can't tell it from this picture but he was under the weather....and thoroughly enjoying the extra "snuggle in mommy and daddy's bed" time.   I love that guy.  I don't know how I'm ever gonna say no to that face.  SO. DAMN. CUTE!  
He stayed home with Tony last Monday and with me on Tuesday.  He got over his tummy issues but then sounded raspy and junky in the chest so I took him to the Dr and he had bronchitis.  We sat thru a nebulizer treatment in the office and started augmentin.  I hate seeing him sick but we had a fun mommy day...full of dress up (chubbiest Captain America EVER)...
 ...and arts and crafts.  He really liked painting!  

 He was quite pleased with his picture.
Then on Thursday he got to play hookey again.  He had speech therapy then an eye exam.  Tony was afraid he couldn't see very well since he always holds things close to his face.  I didn't know what to expect at the eye dr since its not like he can read the letters or anything.  They dilated his eyes and the Dr just looked at them.....but this whole process took 1.5 LUNCH TIME and NAPTIME.  Ugh. Luckily Tony works right across the street from the office so he came to help me.  Dom did great with all things considered but I was whooped from the busy morning and I was beginning to lose my patience with everyone.  Anyways, in between appointments I treated us to some yummy donuts.  He picked the bright green one with gum drops on it.  Shocker.
 This is what happened as soon as we got home.  Thank you baby Jesus.  We both needed this.
 Just like his big brother - HOT WHEELS!
 Saturday, all the kiddos got together to exchange gifts.  As a group, we really spoil these kids.  5 kids, a million presents...not too shabby.
 Vince exclaimed "This is the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!"....and it was.  He got a nerf gun from Eli and a trash pack game and some Beyblades from Hannah and Ellie. He was in heaven.

Dom got some LOUD trucks (thanks Eli) and this awesome Power Rangers costume (as well as a Hulk costume and Power Rangers backpack) from Hannah and Ellie.  Dom LOVES playing dress up.  
O M G!  We all died laughing.  He was all about this costume.  Eli got those Socker Bopper sword things so the two of them beat the crap out of each other with them.  It was HILARIOUS! All we kept thinking was "Poor Miss Monda, she is gonna be MAD when you two start fighting on Monday".
 Its not very often my big kid falls asleep in my lap but when he does, I love it!  We snuggled for awhile before I took him to bed.
 I had the kids help me make Christmas cookies.  What a disaster :)

Diabetes, anyone?  
 Vince and Hannah had a big date at the movie theater Sunday night.  Erin and I took them to see Frozen.  Vince refused a picture.....he acts like I ALWAYS want his picture....wait, I do...poor kid.  It was a great movie too by the way!

Next up - checking in on Elfie Picklepants....

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