Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Elfie Pickle Pants

Yes, we have an Elf...yes, Vince named him Elfie Pickle Pants....and yes, Vince giggles every time he says that name. I LOVE IT!  I may have gone Pinterest crazy with this whole Elf thing but I just want the kids to be sooooo excited for the big day.  I figure Vince is at the age that he's going to start remembering things and I want him to look back one day and tell his kids "Wow, my Mom really rocked made the holidays special for us."  So, here is what the boys came downstairs to find on Thanksgiving Day. 


 A personalized note for each boy from Elfie (he wasn't named yet)

 Elfie brought them PJ's, coloring books, reading books, play packs...
 Christmas socks, tattoos, crafts, and sunglasses

 I don't know why but he reminds me of Elton John with these glasses...hahaha..
 Elfie also left a letter for them to fill in and send to Santa.

 Day 1:  Elfie on a sleigh made of candy canes and a chocolate bar being led by car reindeer...

 Day 2:  Elfie being catapulted into the piggies in a crazy game of Angry Birds

 Day 3:  A tough game of Super Mario with a couple experts
 Day 4:  Parachuting with a snowman and Santa

 Day 5:  Elfie made snow angels in flour
 Day 6:  Elfie and Jesse got caught in a candelit bubble bath...naughty Elf.
SO MANY MORE SHENANIGANS TO COME so please check back often :)  I'll try to post every couple days.  The boys are LOVING this....and so am I!

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