Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Instead of 20 different posts, I'm throwing a little of this and a little of that into one!

So far so good with wrestling.  Vince seems to be enjoying himself...as does his mommy...just a little Christmas shopping while I watch.
 This was one of their practice battles....Vince definitely had size on his side with this kid...
Sometimes being a brother is better than being a superhero....sometimes you can be both!  I picked up this Ironman costume at my CVS for 90% off...that's like $3 people!  As much as these boys play dress up, it's totally worth having on hand.  And well, Dom loves him some Spidey.
 A couple quick pics on Thanksgiving Day.  Again, Tony hates having his picture taken but doesn't mind being behind the camera for me :)

 He did allow this picture to be posted on social media....I was shocked!  Love that man!
 Christmas jammies!  I LOVE CHRISTMAS JAMMIES!
 Vincey decorating his tree....that the cats have knocked over 5 times already.  Can't wait till we have the real one up....NOT.
 I may have a Christmas book buying problem...allegedly.  I went to wrap all the books for our "open one a night till Christmas" tradition and realized I now have 35 books....guess we better start in November next year! HAHA!
 I hate wrapping all of them BUT it felt great once it was done!
 This was the moment I realized I also have a hoarding problem.  I swear its the only bad closet in the house b/c it's a "crafting closet for me and the boys", a "game closet, a "photo album" closet, and now an "elf on the shelf prep" closet.
 Dom learned to say "HO HO HO" so we had to pretend to be Santa...
NEXT UP : ELF ON THE SHELF...my newest favoritest tradition!

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