Monday, December 23, 2013

Elfie Picklepants

I'm a little sad that tonight is the last night of Elfie but also pretty stoked that tonight is the last night of Elfie.  He is a LOT of work but the kids love getting up and looking for him.  We will miss him around here.  Guess Elfie's gonna have to step it up next year so he doesn't repeat everything.  

Day 19 - Super hero Elf (yes, I need a hobby...that doesn't include Pinterest)...

 Day 20 - Gone Goldfishing
 Day 21 - Coloring an Elf
 Day 22 - The Skylanders took him hostage
 Day 23 - A little privacy please...(I know this is gross but I'm a boy mom, they LOVED it)
Day 24 - Dinosaur stampede
 Day 25 - Elf bowling

Day 26 - Elfie's last day :(  A friendly game of Scrabble with some North Pole Buds (the board says Merry Christmas Vince & Dom).

Elfie is leaving this note for the boys

I can't believe my next post will be Christmas Day!  WOW!

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