Sunday, December 8, 2013


Tony was determined to get a real tree this year (I've never had one!).  We couldn't find an actual tree farm (where you cut down the tree yourself) but I heard about this place called Lloyd's Family Farm that had pre-cut trees, horses, tractor rides, etc so we headed out to Oilville to get us a tree!  

Dom and Vince enjoyed checking out the horses (they have a ton).

 Vince was freezing!

 We didn't do the tractor ride (b/c it was LONG and COLD) but the boys had to check out the tractor anyway!

 We don't have huge ceilings so we had to stick with 7-7.5 foot.
 We didn't know what we were doing so it took awhile to get it in the stand....but once we did, it was beautiful and smelled so good!
 I strung the lights (probably could've used another strand)...
 and decorated it with Vince...its safe to say I'm a fan of real trees and this will probably become a tradition!
My favorite picture of the day....which is a miracle b/c as you know, Tony hates having his picture taken....but this one melts my heart!  Love those guys!

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