Thursday, March 24, 2011

What we've been up to......

This post is a little random.....sorry.

Ever since I discovered that he could write so well, I figured we should practice a few more words. Hmmm.....this one may need a little work:
but his Hannah looks pretty good!
Our newest favorite book is Chika Chika Boom Boom so we made this coconut tree with his forearm and hands then practiced our letters as we dug them out of a pile of foam letters.
Since the only word he knows that starts with H is Hannah (I swear this boy is smitten), we broadened our horizons with this craft that I found here. Now at least we know 2 words :)
While I was cutting out the H and hands above he wanted to use his scissors too so I made a few roads for him to cut out. Mr. Independent.

Here's a little clip of his mad pitching skills:

And him shaking his booty.....which he does all the time. He now walks into school every morning and goes up the the front desk lady and shakes his booty for her. Its pretty amusing. Don't mind the Go Diego Go undies in this one....we've been attempting to potty train (again) today....but its gone much better today than ever before (maybe we're finally ready!!).

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