Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I want a Willis

Vince and I have had a WONDERFUL day off together today. I was a little afraid because he's been a monster, a holy terror, unruly difficult the last few days. He has put our patience to the test made parenting interesting. Considering that we had to start our day at my Dr. office for a blood pressure check, it could have gone downhill fast but it didn't! My pressure was great and we got to hear the baby's heartbeat again! Vince thought it was pretty cool to hear "Willis". Since my Dr is conveniently located near a Krispy Kreme shop, I treated Vince to a warm chocolate iced donut with sprinkles...but believe it or not he was much more interested in watching the donuts be prepared than actually eating one! Then we went shopping for a few things and little one scored a sweet baseball watch (because I also bought Daddy a watch).

I also got a video of him talking about Willis (and picking boogers....don't judge!).

And here is a short video that basically describes the last few days.....grumpy, mean, and down right rotten! I sure hope my sweet boy is back to stay!

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