Thursday, March 17, 2011


Some of you have asked me what Thirty-One is. They sell super cute bags and accessories at very reasonable prices! Here's a few pictures of the bags I bought! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this zebra print thermal tote (and have gotten lots of compliments on it so far). I cram all my food for my long work days in here. Isn't it adorable?? If I tell you it's only $14, does it make it any cuter? Heck yeah!
I also got this matching zippered pouch ($12) and organizing utility tote ($22) to use as a diaper bag for baby #2. The tote has 7 side pockets....perfect for bottles, sippy cups, water, etc. It kind of reminds me of my ridiculously expensive Kate Spade diaper bag I used with Vince (except it was all black).
That's right, I bought 3 new cute bags and I didn't even have to hide them (not that I do that...ever) b/c I didn't spend that much money! I hope that you will check out my friend Cory's Thirty-One website at . Click on view our catalog and browse their great selection! I hope that you guys will come to my party on Saturday April 9th at 2pm!!! See ya soon!

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  1. LOVE your bags! The thermal tote turned out really cute! :) Can't wait for the party!