Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gone Fishing

Our new favorite game is "Let's Go Fishing". A few days ago he could only "catch" them if the game was off and they didn't move but today he mastered the game and can catch them with it on. This did however cause some fierce competition between mommy and daddy (For the record, I kicked his butt).
So proud:
Such concentration:
Now that I'm finally getting some energy back, we did some arts and crafts. I totally stole these ideas from this cool website that makes stuff from toilet paper rolls. Clever, huh? We made our caterpillar to look like our new book.
This one is from a few days ago (when it rained all day). We made the raindrops with toilet paper rolls....who knew you could do so much with tp??
Lastly, we made a letter A alligator in honor of his favorite story....5 Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree (about an alligator who snaps up all the monkeys).


  1. I love his big boy room (especially the big chalkboard on the wall! did you paint it on?) And i love how you are always having him do crafts! You're such a good momma!

  2. Thanks Cory! Yes, we painted the chalkboard wall a few years ago (when it was his playroom) but he loves it so much, its gonna stay in his big boy room. Its really easy to do and a lot of fun....if I had it to do over again though I would do a layer of magnetic paint underneath the chalkboard that way it was both. Just a tip in case you ever consider it.

  3. Thanks for the link back to my site. Your caterpillar looks awesome!