Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Play Ball

It turned out to be a beautiful afternoon so we headed outside for some ball.

We have a wonderful, big, shady tree in our back yard.....the downside, it's a gumball tree. Ugh. I hate those darn gumballs. Its so hard to play in the yard when they fall. So, Vince and I raked some up to give us room. He's quite the helper.
I hope the VCU Rams are ready for Vince to play with them this weekend! He's training for the Final Four!
Yep, he's ready!
Then we decided to play hopscotch.
That boy loves to JUMP!
Or bounce....whatever!
"MOMMY, MAKE IT BIGGER!!" he demanded....
So we went from 1-10 then A-Z. Hopefully, with all that jumping he'll sleep good tonight.
Apparently even A-Z wasn't enough for him...
Warning: I'm about to get sappy so feel free to stop reading: Its days like these that make it so hard to believe he's starting school full-time in 2 weeks. I'm not ready......SO NOT READY! I'll probably cheat and keep him home with me at least 1 day if not both Tuesday and Thursday. We're doing it for several reasons: 1) he LOVES school 2) I need to rest occasionally so I don't end up in the hospital with this pregnancy like I did with him 3) if I do end up in the hospital, we need somewhere for him to go full-time....and there's a waiting list for his class 4) he would probably start full-time in the fall anyway but I don't want him to blame the baby for him having to go full-time SO here we are at my dilemma. I know he loves school (and sometimes we can't even get him to leave) BUT he loves mommy days too and it might just break my heart for those to be over. I can't believe I'm not more excited to have actual me-time for the first time in 3 years but I'm not....at all. Like Tony keeps telling me, "You don't have to take him but at least it's there if we need it." We'll see how this goes.

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  1. Aww!!! I know the transition will be hard but will be good for both of you! I'll be thinking of you! :-)