Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Its been a few weeks since we've gotten to go to the pool with Grandma and with the beach coming up IN 5 DAYS, I figured we should give it another try to remind him how much fun it was! Here's Vince and Grandma (and no, I'm not deleting this picture grandma):The water was a little cold at first......
but he quickly got used to it:

Vince LOVES the slide there. He usually goes on my lap with me then I hold him up so he doesn't go under. WHEEEEEE!

Then he got brave and determined (not a good combination) and wanted to go on his own. I was waiting for him down at the bottom but wasn't expecting him to come at me feet first and on his belly!!! He was done with the slide after that! Haha!
We played in the water a little while longer then relaxed on our chairs to dry off and eat lunch.
So glad he's a "water baby" now! Maybe there's hope for the beach!

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