Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!

Tuesday was more of the same.....beach, pool, repeat....but we added a kite and dinner out with the gang. Here's Vince trying to build a sand castle (like Dora).
Ok, I might have helped a little....
Going for a walk with Daddy.....
Playing football with Uncle George...
Chilling with Hannah Belle (which isn't her real name but Vince calls her "My Hannah Belle")....
And this is where all the guys hang out. Our back patio is amazing and the view is spectacular. We brought the kids table to the right for eating, coloring, etc.
All that playing sure works up an appetite!
Then we remembered the KITE I bought on clearance at Target....its BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!
Chris was pretty excited about flying our kite so he took charge....

And then Buzz fell.....at least he didn't hit any innocent bystanders.
Ok, now it's Vince's turn...

Here's Uncle George helping him out. Let's just hope Vince doesn't float away....
There's no "after" pics of Vince flying it but lets just say, Buzz is sleeping with the fishes. Hannah was napping so Vince decided to color to entertain himself.
Taking pics with Sara

Ok, so we might have taught our kid how to open a beer bottle. Please don't report us to anyone! Its a very useful skill.....someday.
Checking out the view with mommy. I think he was scoping for chicks.
Dapping Krebbs. Vince daps all the guys all the time! Totally a guy thing. He tries to teach Hannah later in the day but she wasn't very interested.
Hannah is still sleeping so now Vince is helping Sara with her puzzle. Wow, its a lot harder than his 24 piece ones!
Once Hannah woke up, we all decided to go to dinner at The Dunes. Let's pray these kids behave!
While we waited for our table Vince and Hannah ran and ran and ran and ran the length of their patio. Get that energy out kiddos! Ok, see Hannah's shoes. Erin and I went to the outlets today and I found these at Gymboree and fell in LOVE! Oh how I want a little girl! Look how freaking cute those things are. And they had a matching purse and clothes of course. I wanted to buy them all and hold on to them in the hopes of a little girl but Erin reminded me that I would just jinx myself so I just bought my little Hannah the shoes instead. Maybe I'll have to go get the purse later!

Here's the kids actually behaving in the restaurant. Anyone notice who's at the head of the table...he picked his spot immediately!
After eating us out of house and home, Vince decided to sticker everyone up. Hannah was covered in stickers!
Then the waiter brought tattoos. Look at my little tough guy!
After a successful night, we ended with them snuggling on our bed watching Toy Story (again).
Hope tomorrow goes as well.

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