Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day

We had the usual crew over for a 4th of July celebration yesterday (since I had to work today) and like always, Vince and Hannah stole the show! They had so much fun playing together. I swear these two are destined to either get married or at least be best friends forever and ever. All I heard yesterday morning was "Hannah later". He couldn't wait to see her! Here they are playing in the clubhouse.
She is her mother's child:
Oops, I guess the call was for Vince:
It was obviously a very important call:
Then we brought out the Slip N Slide! Which really should've been called the Stand N Drink since that's all they did!

Hannah quickly found out that a wet butt slides much faster than a dry butt:
Here are some of the big the little boys table (which cracked me up!). The other 2 big boys were smart enough to get out of the picture!
After a day of playing, I figured the kiddos were starving so I made a homemade pizza (for the first time) and they LOVED it......or they were just really really hungry....whatever :)
See, they couldn't shove it in their chubby little faces fast enough.

And then came the cake! YUMMO! These are screams of pure excitement.
I absolutely LOVE these kids! Aren't they too freaking cute together! I can't wait to snap oh, 5000 or so pics of them at the beach NEXT WEEK!

They have their own little language that only they understand. Who knows what they were jabbering about here but it sure does look funny!
Then it was time to relax and color:Here's Vince going all gangsta on Hannah. He doesn't quite have the hang of holding a water gun. He usually just ends up shooting himself in the face but sometimes he'll get lucky and hit his target.....sometimes.
It was getting late and they were filthy so we just threw them in the tub together......shhhhh, don't tell Hannah's daddy though.
Hope everyone had a great and safe 4th of July! Maybe next year we'll see some fireworks!

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