Monday, May 31, 2010

P stands for potty and pool......

.....but hopefully not together! HAHA! So yesterday, I decided it was time to get a potty and at least put the idea of potty training out there. I don't think we're "there" yet but I wanted him to see the potty and get used to having it around. After Tony's poopy story from Friday night, I think we're close. Vince has never really cared about having a wet diaper but lately he lets us know if he pooped. Well the other night, Vince had "the look", so Tony thought that he'd let Vince finish then go change his diaper. Next thing he knew, Vince had his hand down the back of his diaper fishing around. It was too late! Vince pulled out a hand full of s*#$. Several hand washings and a bath later, Tony called me at work to tell me "what YOUR son just did!" HILARIOUS! Anyways, here's Vince checking out his new potty.He was so excited, he had to go show it to Daddy. He disassembled and reassembled it several times, sat on it (clothed of course), opened and shut it over and over and over, carried it around the house, and pushed it on the floor into Buddy BUT would NOT let me undress him to try it out! Its ok, after thinking more about it, I'm not sure mom's ready yet! Stay tuned for potty training updates (probably not any time soon though!)

Now to switch, Daddy had to work from home so Vince and I joined Grandma and Alli at their pool for a few hours. If you remember, the last time I took him to a pool he screamed bloody murder the ENTIRE time, "no, no, no pool, no pool, no water, no water, no pool, bye bye water, bye bye pool". Needless to say, I didn't have high expectations for today but was hopeful that it might go least better. Here's Vince getting ready to go see Grandma (I didn't mention the pool yet).
Believe it or not, this was a big accomplishment! It took 20 minutes and a lot of screaming for me to even get his Crocs off of him, much less to sit with his feet IN the water! If you know my kid, he's saying "MAMA SIT"...he's kinda bossy :)
And of course, mama sat! Here's our peptalk, which really just entailed me bribing him with a new toy and ice cream for dinner if he'd get in the water.
He clung to this cup for dear life. Once I got the death grip off of my neck, the cup got it!
Notice the cup :
We took a break for snack time (and mommy hid the cup):
LOOK, my kid has his monkey floaty thing on and is in the water!!!!! AAAHHHH!
Does anyone else think that's the look of a little boy having FUN????

We didn't get any pics of him "jumping" but he jumped to me from the little step in the pool, which meant I was completely hands free from him for a few moments and he survived! I'm SO proud of him! Today was a big day in conquering his horrible fear of the pool. Maybe he'll actually play at the beach this year instead of playing inside with dental floss! Anybody remember this?

Here's hotstuff strutting his manliness around the little girls before we left (pretending that wasn't him screaming like one earlier). Sunglasses, diaper, and Crocs....the new hotness!


  1. Too funny about the poop story!! I'm glad Cate's never tried to touch her own poop before ;) Good luck with the training! One day I just started cold turkey (big girl panties on and potty out). We haven't looked back since.. it's been SOO much easier than I ever could have anticipated!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the stories, Erin! Keep 'em coming!!