Thursday, May 6, 2010

Home Improvement Specialist For Hire

It seems Vince has turned into quite the renaissance man lately. He does great work inside and outside the house!! We will gladly rent him out if anyone needs an extra set of hands :)

He fixes electronics:
Boy he's gonna be upset when he realizes there's no TV on the stand!

He cleans pools:

(you'd think he ate a real lizard from the look in this pic):
He cooks:

He does yard work:

AND he vacuums:
Right now the going price is a few cookies, some goldfish, and a juice box. Better set up your appointment now before he gets booked up!


  1. What a SUPER cute post!!! Love it!!

  2. We would LOVE to sign up for some yard work and cooking. Now if you can just work on dishes and laundry... you'd be set! :-)