Sunday, May 16, 2010

The After Party

A few of our friends stayed after Vince's party to help celebrate with Tony! What better way to relax after throwing a kids party than jello shooters (and lots of wine)! The mom's each took a shooter and I couldn't be more proud :) I had to have photographic evidence!And the girls:
Here's a great pic of Hannah at the after party.....but the clothes don't stay on long :)
And a good one of Aunt Ola:
Justin setting up the water toy Vince got:
Hannah loved it!

Caught smooching:
Going for a ride in Vince's new wagon:
She might kill me one day for taking these pics of her:
Flirting as usual:

Naked sidewalk drawing:
Naked baseball:
Ok, she might REALLY kill me for these pics but they are so freaking funny (she's in the house looking out the glass door):

I love Vince's look in the reflection:

The night ended with them curled up on the couch watching Sesame Street:
And Sara passed out:
Thanks again guys for making my 2 boys' days special :)

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