Saturday, November 2, 2013


Seriously?  It's November already?  I can't believe we just had Halloween!  Tony's office had a little Halloween thing for the kids...but he forgot to tell me till I had already left to pick them up from school so I didn't have the camera or treat bags or anything.  They were both in costume from school so we just went in to daddy's office.  Luckily, someone had a plastic bag for them b/c they loaded up.  Dom was dragging the bag by the end, I think it weighed more than him.  When we left there, we made our annual trip to our friend Erin's parent's house in Mechanicsville.  This year we had quite the group (9 kids and 11 adults).  Yikes!  We didn't get pics till after dark and I am terrible with flash so they aren't very good....but you get the idea...

Miss Hannah = Princess Sophia
 Ellie = Bumblebee,  Eli = Monster
 Hannah was excited....
 Drew (Erin's nephew) = Baseball player
 Cousin love
 Colleen (Erin's niece) = cat in the hat
 Allison (Erin's other niece)
 Eli and Ellie
 Luigi and Sophia
 Rolling out...
We had 3 wagons in our group...
We weren't sure how Dom was gonna do since last year we had to leave after just a few houses b/c he was SCREAMING the WHOLE time but he totally ROCKED it this year.  That boy ran up to every single house with the big hand holding, no help, nothing.  Then he'd run back, get in the wagon, and do it all over again at the next house. SOOOO many people loved their costumes.  I think Mario and Luigi were a hit.    
 He LOVED it.

I think all the kids had a really good time and got a ton of candy.  As always, so glad we have our friends to do things like this with.  

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