Friday, November 22, 2013


While I do sometimes think my kids need helmets 24/7, he's actually trying this on for WRESTLING!  Yes people...we signed Vince up for wrestling.  AAAHHHH!  Mommy voted to "protect the brain" so we got some headgear and wrestling shoes last weekend.  
 Speaking of shoes.....Dom likes to put on anyone's shoes...loves them.
Ok, so apparently this whole post is dedicated to shoes.  It rained a little last weekend for our friend George's pig roast so naturally I had to break out these awesome new rain boots my mom got me for my bday!
There's the man of the day....George and his smoker...getting ready to pull out his meat (get your mind out of the gutter).
 All the men supervising the process...
 And the pig roasting....
 Since the Steelers game wasn't on TV, my boys headed out to play some football.

 I love watching all 3 of them play manly sports....such cute bonding time.

 My cute little clean dinosaur.
 Holy crap, its time for Cadbury's Christmas candy.  Heaven in a little purple bag.  So long Weight Watchers.
And the moment you've all been waiting for.....Sweet little Vince WRESTLING.  That's him on top of the other kid.

 Vince's school had a Thanksgiving luncheon for the parents on Wednesday and I got to go!

Yes, that's McDonald's we're eating while everyone else waits in the long lunch line for school quality Thanksgiving food....who's the smart ones now?
 Saw this on my Instagram feed and fell in love.  Just throwing it out there as a hint for Christmas :)  (je t'aime = "I love you" in french). just saying...
 Today was a Dommy and Mommy day!  YAY!  This kid is amazing and its so fun to spend quality one on one time together.  He just brightens my day.  He's sweet and loving and fun (and he doesn't talk back).  He reminds me to stop and "smell the roses"...not quite literally but he is never in a rush, just likes to watch and observe and take his time....that's new for me but I like it. We were on a search for new shoes for him b/c he's been wearing big brother's for too long.  We came up empty handed at a couple places (fat feet are hard) but finally ended up at my Motherland...Nordstrom.  Dom found himself a nice girl...except she was a mannequin.  Sorry buddy.

So yeah, we had to buy this oooh oooh ahhh ahh hat (that's what he calls monkeys cuz he can't say monkey yet).
 Then we had a picnic lunch at the park (loving 70 degrees in November).  Those cheeks, that smile (minus the chicken)....I could just eat him up.

To finish up our awesome day, we all crammed in my bed, ate popcorn, and watched Planes (which is essentially Cars in the air...SAME movie).  Couldn't have asked for a better mommy day.  Love these boys.
I work all weekend so there won't be anything fun to post about :( booooo!  Have a great weekend!

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