Thursday, November 7, 2013

Parent Teacher Conference

I had my first parent teacher conference earlier this week. I apologize for the bragging I'm about to do but hey, it's my blog! Miss King said Vince was a genius! Ok, she may not have said those exact words, but that's what I heard! She did say he was very advanced and is one of 6 high learners in all the K classes at his school. He scored far above what they expect for his age. For example, the highest score on the PALS (letters, spelling, etc) test is 102. Vince scored 87. Apparently, most kids in the fall of K don't score out of the 20's!!! Holy cow! This is the part where I heard Vince is a GENIUS!  Thankfully, his school is arranging 4 days a week of enrichment classes for him and the other smarties to help develop them at a quicker rate! I guess Primrose was worth every single penny!  So proud of that boy!

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