Sunday, November 10, 2013


This weekend was our 2nd annual adult weekend at Nags Head!  Can I get an AMEN?  Big shout out to our parents for watching the monsters while we were able to relax, regroup, and enjoy ourselves....sans was as great as it sounds!

Around lunch time on Friday, Tony and I drove up to this beauty (everyone else was already there)..
This house was 3 stories of pure oceanfront amazingness.  Who buys these houses anyway?  We can only afford it off season, for a weekend, split 7 ways.  Yikes!

 Not a bad view, huh???
The boys settled in quickly....
 and they were awfully cozy...
The fridge may not looked stocked to some but to us, it had the, wine, gatorade, soda, and coffee creamer.  What else could we possibly need?
 I quickly went to check out the deck and ocean view...WOW...

 Woke up to this 2 days straight.  Heaven.

The boys goofed off and played their games, watched tv, etc....the girls shopped, got pedicures, shopped some more, and ate quietly.  This is the result of some early day wine and a store in which we were the youngest people by at least 30 years.  Aside from the outlets, there aren't many places to shop in Nags Head....note to someone out there, please fix this.
Our friends know ONLY requirements for the weekend were 1) BBQ at High Cotton and 2) a group photo.  Done and Done.  Love these guys!
Love these guys even MORE though!  I had a great time but I couldn't wait to get my babies! They were both awake super early 2 days straight (sorry, grandparents) and didn't really nap so a family nap was essential!

Thank you Noni and Papi and grandma and grandpa for making this getaway possible!  See you next year OBX!  

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