Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tony's Birthday Celebration

In typical Zatelli fashion, we rushed home from Vince's party just in time to change clothes and hand the kids off to the babysitter then we headed out to celebrate Tony's birthday with "the crew".  

You see this picture, this is why I don't even bother trying to get Tony in pics....he hates them so he acts goofy, and I get pissed off....can't you tell?  haha!  You should see the other 10 tries...even worse!  
We went to eat at Tarrants Cafe downtown.  It is SO good!  We all thought it was funny freaking hilarious that Tony's rice came out looking like boobs.  So appropriate!
Once we were stuffed beyond imagination, we hopped in a cab (did you know there are mini-van cabs..genius idea!) and headed to the fan to find a bar....and find a bar, we did!  I love these girls!
 Erin and Krebbs
Sara and Justin
 Apparently, I just need to get some alcohol in him to get him to take pics...lesson learned....too bad its blurry!
 The Law Firm (get it, Erin and Erin....nevemind...)
 George and Erin
 George and his ladies
 Love, love, love them!
 What a great day with great family and friends!  We are truly lucky :)

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