Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Vince

My baby is 5!  How is that possible?  His party isn't until this coming weekend but I tried to make his actual birthday as special as possible.  The night before his birthday I blew up balloons and taped them to his door to surprise him in the morning.  Only downside is that he woke up at like 1am to go potty and was more mad about the balloons than excited (b/c it was dark and he didn't know what it was and he couldn't shut his door...poor kid, it was supposed to be fun!).  
 I aslo wrapped up this bad boy.  Now I gotta find him a teacher!
 I made birthday pancakes!

 Then I had a babysitter come stay with Dom so I could have some one on one time with the birthday boy.  Our first stop....Chuck E. Cheese!  Thursday morning at 10am is THE time to go!  We were the only people there!

 We got to hang out with Chuck E. Cheese for a few minutes....

 My purse was full of tickets!
 The ticket monster gobbling up our loot...
 Then we had lunch and milkshakes at Red Robin.  They sang to him too!

Once daddy got home we all headed down to Noni and Papi's to celebrate the 3Z's (Tony's bday was Tues, Papi's was Wed, Vince's was Thurs).  Dinner and K&L and some cake topped off the night!  I hope his birthday was as special as him!  Love that kid!  I can't wait till this weekend for his big party!  

Here's some other random Instagram photos from the week:

Yep, Dom's awake....the boy seriously ate like everything in sight and kept coming back for more.  I really need to renew that Costco membership!  
 My chubby boy enjoying some Nutella for snack.
 These bananas should last us about 3 days....apparently I live with a bunch of monkeys.
As mentioned above, Tuesday was Tony's birthday.  We had a sitter for the boys so we could enjoy a quiet celebration dinner.  We went to The Hard Shell.  I don't eat seafood but even their 1 chicken dish was delish!  Tony, on the other hand, devoured his crab legs.  

 I like to call him Bam Bam.  I'd say roughly 90% of his awake time you will find Dom with a baseball bat, ball, and/or hat/helmet on.  He seriously loves baseball.  In fact, he was so mad at me tonight b/c I don't know how to play the baseball game on Playstation.  He spent the whole weekend with daddy playing games and he didn't know why I couldn't do it.  He kept handing me the controller and pointing to the TV.  Guess I need to learn to play!

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