Saturday, May 11, 2013

Thank goodness for my iPhone

Dude, if it weren't for my phone lately, I may not have any pictures of my children!  So thank you Apple.  We FINALLY decided on a theme, place, and date for Vince's 5th birthday party!  Now its time to prepare!  Here's my little Marios.
 One of the best gifts ever.  I don't break it out but a few times a year but when I do, it's a lifesaver!
 Tony was out of town for a whole week at the end of and the boys did a lot of bonding.  This included playing Old Maid (or Old Navy, as Vince called it) and Crazy 8's.  Other than the fact that he can't hold his cards and lays them all out on the floor, this kid is good at card games!
 I usually keep both boys home with me every Tuesday and Thursday.  Individually, these two are peaceful and calm.   Together, they are a freaking ZOO! Occasionally I have just a Dom day....and it's so nice and quiet!  He's really getting into puzzles...

 Even applauds himself....
 I also introduced some puppets to him.  He really liked that!
 And books of course....

 I love cuddling for naptime.
 It's so cute to see Dom and Frank.  They actually like each other (whereas Vince and Frank don't get along well)

 I thought this was pretty ingenius...Dom created his own tee with an itty bitty cup and a ball.  I've started calling him Bam Bam because he ALWAYS has a bat in his hand.  He loves wearing Vince's baseball caps.  I'm pretty sure he'll be playing tball before long!
I love Lisa Leonard.  She makes the most beautiful (and fairly inexpensive) jewelry.  I ordered this for myself for Mother's Day....and maybe another necklace.  That brings me up to 5 of her necklaces and a bracelet (and I've been eying way more).  Perhaps I should seek help.
 With this nice weather came a park play date after school.  Vince got to practice his bike a little more.
 I borrowed these cowboy boots from a friend forever ago in the hopes of getting a photo JUST LIKE THIS....naked booty, cowboy hat, and boots.  Score!  This lasted approximately 0.2 seconds....
 then tears started flowing and the hat came off....that's ok, I got my shot!
After being the "man of the house" for a week and protecting me and Dom, Daddy brought Vince back this awesome wooden sword and shield.  Pretty sweet, huh?
 Vince picked up Hannah for a date....
 Like I said, always with a bat....
 I started freaking out a little bit when I couldn't find green hats ANYWHERE!  Vince really wants to be Luigi for his party so this momma had to go cruising the internet.  Thank you Oriental Trading Company.  I already had the L's ready for when they came!  I can't wait for the party!

 We had a crazy storm the other night.  This is hail outside our door from the storm...crazy!
 I try my best to get up before the kids so I can shower and get ready even on my days off but sometimes I need that extra hour of sleep.  Usually when this happens I get a 5 second shower and barely get to blow dry my hair but my kids are finally starting to play together.  This day I was able to get ready without having to play mediator and counselor and translator.  It was glorious!
 YUMMMMMM......Dom has the whole spoon/fork/feeding himself thing down pat.
Dom has a new favorite past-time....digging for gold.  
 I was lucky enough that my partner let me come to work a few minutes late so I could attend "Muffins for Mom" at Vince's school.  Its pitiful seeing the kids whose mom's couldn't come...I hope I can do this every year so he never feels left out.  Of course, he cried when I left but I'm glad I got the chance to go.

 Hawk Monsters (2013 I9 T-ball team)

 Spoiled much?  This kid doesn't know what  a nap without being cuddled up to soft boobs is.  Rough life, right?
Uncle Rob and Aunt Judy came to town today!  YAY!  We love when they visit!  Vince talked us all into playing baseball outside.  I promised Judy I wouldn't post these on Facebook but I didn't say I wouldn't post on the blog :)  Doesn't she look all sweet and innocent....
 Then WHACK, she hits the ball straight at ME!  It literally hit my hand as I was holding my phone.  I can't believe I got this shot!  We all died laughing!  We love you guys!
 Here it is a little closer up...and Instagrammed.

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  1. I am going to kill you... :) No idea why I would swing with my eyes closed but I hit the target I was aiming for... ;) P.S. Love the Mario hats.