Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pre-K Assessment

Warning:  I'm in mom brag mode (and I know this will make grandparents happy too).
Vince's Pre-K gives us periodic assessments/evaluations of the students.  His most recent is quite impressive!  They rated his mastery of colors, letters, numbers/counting, sizes/comparisons, and shapes to be 96% and rated him in the 98th percentile which is classified as very advanced!  The comment his teachers left is "We are so impressed with Vince's development in math and reading.  During math, we can always count on Vince to use logical reasoning to figure out problems.  Vince is also recognizing sight words in books and can often figure out other words by using their letter sounds and the illustrations.  We love watching him grow into a reader."  Makes a mommy proud!

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