Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer summer summer time, summer time

We've been taking full advantage of the warm weather.  These kids LOVE to be outside!  Dom and I went to the park one day.  He loves to swing and screams at the top of his lungs when its time to go.  Its funny though b/c he looks like he's about to fall asleep half the time when he swings (he's pretty used to that rocking motion to get him to nap).
 We tried corn on the cob....he's a fan...Vince, not so much.
 I got us a Slip N Slide on Thursday but it was a waste of money.  I ended up just spraying them with the hose.  Then we ended with yummy creamsicles!!

 Yeah, we ate dessert before lunch....

 This kiddo has a recent obsession with Mario.  This Mario doll comes everywhere with us.  I'm wondering if it's going to be short-lived or if it'll be the next "Elmo".  For a kid who doesn't talk, he sure does communicate.  He brings us the remote (to change over to the wii), the wii controller, and Mario...meaning he wants someone to play MarioKart.  Who needs to learn to talk when we're so good at figuring out what he wants.
 We played Monster Truck Bowling.  Monster trucks + destruction + loud noise = a winner!
 Vince had his last tball game Saturday.  Uncle Patrick, Aunt Julie, and Nathan came out to watch.  Nathan and Dom looked like twins in matching outfits and they played and played.
 Then we went to Nathan's game that afternoon.  Vince and Dom played with Grandma while we watched the game.  Holy crap it was HOT!
 Today we washed cars.  Not real ones but the boys' cars.  They had fun and again, I sprayed them with the hose to clean off!  They're gonna gang up on me one day and pay me back!
Look who got promoted to the big table!  I'm ready to get rid of the bulky high chair that takes up so much room so we tried this out!  Other than the fact that I found peanut butter spread all over my nice table after lunch, it went well.
 After bath, we watched a movie and ate popcorn.  I love curling up with these fellas.
As I was cleaning up today (which is really pointless b/c its messy 5 minutes later), I realized that my pretty, ceramic, expensive Pottery Barn urn/vase thing is now a bat, gun, sword holder.  Welcome to life with 2 boys!  I wouldn't trade it for anything!   

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