Thursday, June 27, 2013

Instagram Upload

Oh Instagram, how I love thee.  Here's the last few weeks IG pics.

We made a Hot Wheels Car Wash/race track....boys loved it!  Thank you Pinterest for giving me these boy ideas....I wish I were as creative as some people out there!

Yep, still napping on someone...spoiled rotten!  My arm was completely numb at this point but I dare not move a sleeping Dom :)
 I sure felt safer with a fireman AND police officer in the house.
 Who doesn't love a man in uniform??
 Is it Thor?  Is it Ironman?  Is it a boxer?  I don't know but whatever he is, he sure is cute!
 These next 2 were taken after our Stony Point fountain visit last week.  There's a Haagen Daz conveniently located in eyesight of the fountains....meaning my kids made a beeline for ice cream!  Vince got a cotton candy ice cream cone:
 Dommy got a chocolate milkshake.  We were supposed to SHARE but he drank the whole thing!
Ok, so this requires a story.  I had to work on Father's Day...booooo!  So Tony had the boys by himself all day.  I came home that night and put Vince in bed. When I went in his room I saw this on his chalkboard wall.  I laughed and asked him what it was about.  I thought for sure it was some sort of joke with him and Tony and Tony helped him draw/write it.  Vince told me he was mad at Daddy for getting sent to his room earlier so he drew it.  Tony didn't even know it was up there.  Best part is: IT WAS FATHER'S DAY!  hahahaha....I probably shouldn't find it so funny but it just cracked me up.  
I know, I know, stop posting pics of a sleeping Dom.  I can't, he's so damn cute....and when he puts those sweet little chubby hands on my face.....I just melt (mostly because he's like a furnace but also b/c I adore him!)
My kids LOVE graham crackers, marshmallows, animal crackers, Nilla wafers, and chocolate but they DO NOT LOVE them together.  WHAT?  Who are these children?  Aliens?  I thought I was gonna win some mom of the year award when I fixed melted chocolate and served with a plate of dippables.  Nope.  Each one took 1-2 bites and decided they didn't like it.  Don't worry, it didn't go to waste....on a side note, I should really go to the gym more before the beach!
We are usually pretty lazy on weekend mornings now that tball is over.  Apparently Dom has learned the routine.  He crawled up on the couch with an iPad, put the blanket on his legs, and just played games for awhile.  Too funny.
 Again, being lazy with dad Sunday morning.
I just had to add a pic of Dom sleeping IN HIS CRIB!  I know the grandmas don't think it ever happens but it does....only at night though.  He's gotten to where he curls up with his stuffed animals at the end of the crib.  
That's all for now!  Have a good weekend!

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