Thursday, June 6, 2013

Instagram and New Addition

I think we finally found our "lovey"....seriously obesessed with his Mario.  
 These kids crack me up.  Fun at McDonald's....
 Trying to soak up all the beautiful (not super hot) weather.  We enjoyed a nice family night eating dinner out then some shopping and wish making....
Soooooo, guess what Daddy brought home Wednesday.....yep, this really happened....welcome to my crazy house.
Meet our newest addition.  Her name is still a work in progress.  It was Fendi (from her previous owners) but Tony wants to name her Emma (as in our previous Rottie)....she isn't responding well to Emma yet though.  She's 2 so she's house trained but still has a lot of puppy in her.  She's beautiful....
 BUT Frank is terrified of her.  After being chased full speed by an 80+lb Rott, Frank bolted up a tree.  It took an hour, a tall ladder, and lots of scratches but Tony finally got poor Frank down from the tree.  It was pitiful, I actually felt sorry for the guy.
Frank refused to go downstairs today....most of the day he was hiding under our covers.  We'll see how the Emma/Fendi situation goes.....
 My sweet tooth child and I had a little mommy/Vince date to Firebirds for their yummy Big Daddy Chocolate Cake....nom nom nom....and I wonder why trying on bathing suits is torture.
 I know I always post these pics of Dommy asleep on me but it's just b/c I know it won't last forever and I enjoy the cuddle time....except that this kid sweats like none other.  He is like a furnace.
Daddy and Vince tried to learn a few notes on the guitar tonight.  I thought it was cute seeing them like that.  I still need to find him a teacher.
Short post, just wanted to introduce everyone to our new family member!

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