Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Instagram Upload

 Here's our last week in pics:

These boys love wresting with Daddy!
 Look at that BELLY!
Annnnnnd the belly makes sense.....he is actually pretty good with a fork.  Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to food....
 Our books are ready for Christmas...one a night!  Vince loves this tradition...I can't wait for Dom to get into it next year.
Poor little man has been under the weather lately...some nasty virus targeting kids, especially little ones.   I know he's not feeling well when he needs 3 pacis to calm down.  One in each hand and one in the mouth.
Now that's talent....4 pacis?? Really Dom??
 I heard about these little animal/paci things called Wubbanub and found one of the only stores in Richmond that sells them.  Its a little "lovey" with a soothie paci sewn into his mouth.
 Ok, it looks a little ridiculous when he has it in his mouth...hopefully he'll use it as the one to hold..
 So far so good, he held it through a 2.5 hour nap...
 Have I mentioned that I LOVE my boys?!?!?
 Playing "Don't rock the boat"....unfortunately, Dom loves to rock the boat!
Note to self:  Buy and take one of these things with us to every restaurant...look at the concentration on his face.  This kept him occupied long enough to get biscuits to our table :)   
Hope ya'll had a good week!

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