Thursday, December 27, 2012


We made cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.  Our Santa made a special request for candy cane shaped cookies with white icing and M&M's on it.  Picky Santa.  

 Santa also likes chocolate milk.
 Looks like Santa came....

 Fast forward to Christmas morning.  Vince actually slept till 7am and Dom till 8am.  Vince came into our room and shouted "Merry Christmas"...what a great way to wake up!  He was so excited when he walked downstairs...and it was nice for him to open his presents all by himself without baby brother getting all the attention.

He finally realized that Santa ate the cookies....
 Dom woke up!  He wasn't really into the present opening thing so I had to do most of it.

 Yep, my house looks like a toy store!

 We headed to Noni and Papi's house around lunch time.

Dom was much happier naked...who am I to argue with a 15 month old?  

 Diana thought this would be funny....Daddy did not!

Another holiday centered around eating....Dom was in heaven.  

 Even Vince ate pretty good.
What a great but exhausting day!  We had so much fun with the family!  Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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