Monday, December 10, 2012

Nerf guns, gingerbread houses, and Christmas trees, OH MY!

Too bad Instagram doesn't pay me for using their app....I should rename this blog The Zatelli Instagram.  Anywho, can anyone else believe Christmas is only 2 weeks away?  We still have SO much shopping left to do!  Thank goodness for Amazon Prime, that's all I can say!  

In an effort to win Cool Mom of the Year, I set up balloons for a nerf gun range.  It was a hit!  And Dom enjoyed running through the balloons and hitting them.  Win-win.  
We have about 1,000 but Dom really only cares for 4 books.  He is obsessed with Sandra Boynton books, like really obsessed, like won't let me read anything else.  We only have 3 of her books (but hopefully Santa will bring more)....Pajama Time, The Going to Bed Book, and Night-Night Little Pookie.  The ONLY other book he likes is Goodnight Moon.  We read these 4 books every night and most naps...I sure wish he'd branch out a little...mommy knows all the words by heart.  I asked him to go get me a book one day so that we could read and instead of picking out one of the million in his baskets on the floor, he pulled out his 4 faves.  
He did however let Vince show him some things in this alphabet book.  Vince is so cute, he always tries to get Dom to say the words.  It totally cracked me up one day in the we are pulling in to Target (shocker), Vince says "Dom, say TAAAR-GET, TAAAR-GET"....yeah, Vince learned that word really early...and so will DommyDo.
We went to our friend's Mike and Kacey's house this past weekend for a Grinchmas Party.  It was so fun seeing everyone from W&M and letting all the kids hang out.  I can't believe how times have changed....and how many kids we have!  Here is a pic of Dom looking adorable all dressed up in his holiday outfit.  What a stud.
 Then we made a gingerbread house on Sunday.  Vince was a big help this year.  He is so meticulous!
Dom on the other hand was a destructive force....oops, there goes a chunk out of our house....
 He stole candy as fast as we got it on there....
 and there goes another jelly bean....

 Not too shabby....
 Adding some finishing touches....

 Once was all said and done, I let Vince squeeze the icing right into his mouth....I'm bound and determined to win that cool mom award :)
Look who we ran into at Chick-Fil-A....the Holiday Elf Cow.  Vince was excited but poor Dom was terrified.  He kept watching the cow after we sat down so I took him up there to say hi and he latched onto my arm and started crying.  Everytime the cow came anywhere near our table he freaked out.  He wouldn't sit in the highchair but made me hold him the whole time.  He wouldn't eat, he was too busy keeping one eye on the crazy big cow.  If this is any indication of how Santa is gonna should make for a funny picture!
 Daddy let Vince do a grocery shopping trip...a hot wheels car and apples...all the essentials.
After stalking Pinterest (what's new?), I was determined to get some pics of the boys in front of the tree with all the other lights off and the camera in manual mode.  I always shoot in auto mode and in full natural light so it took some practice but I thought these turned out decent.  Maybe Santa will bring me a better lens one day :)

Tomorrow is Dom's 15 month check up...can't wait to see how big my baby is!

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