Thursday, December 13, 2012


We usually go to the Children's Museum for Santa BUT I've been hearing great things about Bass Pro Shop's Santa AND he's why not try it out, right?  It was great!  We got there around 9:40 and they started at 10:00.  We were second in line but the girls in front of us had a meltdown and their mom let us go first!  How awesome is that?  No waiting for the big man!  But, even if we had to wait they have awesome stuff to play with meanwhile...its a redneck heaven!  

Here's Dom patiently waiting....ok, he doesn't do much patiently BUT he had animal crackers to keep him occupied...
Race track to play with....
 Sling shots.....
 He's so damn gorgeous!  Once the animal crackers were gone, so was to terrorize Bass Pro.
 Dom wants a gun for Christmas....
 Trying to see the race cars...shorty.
 Bow and arrow, anyone?
 Then came the time...10:00am on the dot!  (disclaimer: this is a picture of the picture so its blurry...I bought the digital download image but it takes 1-2 days to get so I will have a better pic soon).  Dom was a little unsure but didn't cry!  Vince was in heaven.  I love that kid.
 I took Dom (so he wouldn't change his mind and start crying) while Vince told Santa what he wanted. HOT WHEELS it was!  I'm sure Santa can take care of that.
 They also have a huge fish aquarium that we looked at.  This is a crappy pic of him but look how big he is.  How is that my baby?

We played and saw Santa and we're out the door by 10:30am...not to shabby!  Score one for mommy!

For history's sake, here's our past Santa pics:

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