Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trick or Treating at Daddy's Office

Today Tony's company had a trick or treat party for the kids. It was such a good idea and was so much fun! We got to meet all of daddy's co-workers, their spouses, and kids. Since we've already worn DJ Lance a few times and are gonna wear it to school tomorrow and on Sunday, I brought out his ADORABLE pirate costume from last year. In case you don't remember, here's 2 pics from last Halloween. I was sick as a dog with pneumonia so he literally wore it for 15 minutes so I could take pics then it went into the closet....until now! Notice how big the hat is on him and that you can't see his hands or legs.
Here's this year's pics:
Yeah, he's grown quite a bit....
We quickly found "Uncle George" and asked for candy but all he had was that stupid promised me CANDY!
They had white boards everywhere with plenty of markers for the kids to draw:

There were lots of balloons too. Daddy and George played a rousing game of keep away with him.

But he won a few times:
He was already out of control and the trick or treating hadn't started yet:
The doors with halloween decorations on them had people ready and waiting to give out candy. Here's each of the 3 stops:

Pirate Daddy!!!!
As if they didn't get enough candy, there were yummy cupcakes too!!!
I don't think my child is gonna go to sleep tonight!

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