Tuesday, October 12, 2010


That's right, today was one of the best days Vince and I have ever had together! I mean, they're usually good but today was exceptional! We started with cartoons in bed together, played in the playroom for awhile, then went to get his haircut. Usually this puts a damper on the day but he bounced right back today. I told him we'd go to the toy store after his haircut but he insisted on the bookstore instead. So off to Borders we went. We read a few good books then picked out a stack to take home. It was such a nice day and he was still in a great mood so we went to Panera and had lunch outside. When did my kid get big enough to have a real lunch date with mommy? We couldn't help but split a giant M&M cookie....it practically leaped onto our tray. After his nap, I opened up a Play-Doh toy I'd gotten a few days ago. This octopus is pretty cool. He loved squishing all the play-doh out.

Then my goofball did this! Tony and I showed him how to make a funny face with an orange slice a few weeks ago and he tried it out with his apple today. Yep, still just as funny!
Don't mind the terrible picture.....I just had to get in on the action!
I was so glad when he wanted to draw this afternoon. He used to love it but hasn't done it in awhile. Here's a few pictures I thought were impressive.
This is a hen (we've been reading a book called Big Egg about a hen and her eggs):
I wasn't quite sure what this was till he told me the fish needed water....then I saw it:
In preparation for Halloween he made a ghost:
And a pumpkin:
I couldn't believe how well he drew. Definitely gets that from his daddy.

To top it off, he ate CARROTS AND PEARS for dinner (like he actually CHOSE to eat the fruits and vegetables off his plate)......we think there was a doppelganger here today but I hope he stays around a few more days :)

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  1. Definitely sounds like an awesome day!! And don't you love how blogs allow you to caption the memories so you won't forget?! :)