Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Today I gave flu shots to the staff at Vince's school (and tried very hard not to let him see me out in the hall for 2 hours or it would have gone downhill FAST). While doing the shots I made small talk with the girls and told them who I was if I didn't know them yet....I said, "I'm Vince's mom" (by far my favorite title that Dr I worked so hard for). These were the responses I got from some of them, "oh, Vinceypoo, he's so cute" and "Vinnyboo, I go in his classroom just to visit him sometimes", and I've heard several teachers call him "Vincerelli" before. It's cute now but I sure hope they don't stick b/c he's gonna hate that growing up :)

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  1. i agree erin, being a parent(mother) is the best title ever.. :)