Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Party.....at the library

Our library had a fun little family Halloween party tonight. We met up with Erin and Hannah. They had face painting (Vince wasn't interested):They had a craft room where he made this candy bag:
They had tons of candy at every librarian's desk:

The kids were a little unsure of it at first but once they realized how much candy they were scoring, they kept going back for more: They had a "scary room" with a lot of cute activities....but obviously the loot was the highlight:
Here's me and DJ Lance Rock:
On the way home from the library, Tony said "Do you wanna go pick out your birthday present?"......ummmmmmmm.....YEAH! Like, duh! He wouldn't tell me what he had in mind or where he was taking me but he pulled into Nordstrom's parking lot....so I was thinking a Coach bag but he kept walking through the store and out the door. He finally came to the jewelry store and opened the door. He planned on getting me the ring to match my bracelet but said that my expression when I tried on this necklace (below) said it all! I LOVE IT! Thank you baby! I love you!

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  1. What library was this? How fun!! And i LOVE the necklace!!! Your hubby did gooood!