Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lots to catch up on....

Last week marked a milestone in our house.  Dom started day care!  He was so excited and the first day went SO well.  
 They both started the same day care/after school program at the same time.  Dom really liked having his big bro to pal around with....and he freakin loves his Curious George backpack. Insists on wearing it even if it's empty.
His teacher, Ms.  Monda, takes pictures of the kids all day every day and attaches them to his daily sheet!  I love it!  She made us this first day booklet too!  She has pictures of the kids all over the room and Dom's already in several of them...so, unlike me, she updates pics all the time!  
They seem to do really fun activities there too.  One day the "fun bus" came.  Look at that kid's face! He had a blast!  They've had a bouncy slide, splash day, and ice cream day....and this was all in the first week!  
 The cats are getting along better!
 Still lazy as crap....
 Frank is so weird...he loves sleeping under the covers...
 We had Kindergarten orientation!  I'm so proud of this kiddo!  He's gonna rock Kindergarten!

 Dom had his speech evaluation....
 Mario and Luigi came along...
 Verdict is:  He needs speech therapy.  I go back this week to find out more about it.

Vince and I had a mini date night this weekend (after I worked all day so we were both tired). We ate at Panera then went to Barnes and Noble.  He enjoyed the puppets!
 The gator ate my arm!
 And we read Halloween books!  I'm not liking the idea of no more "mommy days"....ahhhh!
 Caught this one red-handed!  Apple nerd :)

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