Sunday, August 25, 2013

Instagram Upload

If you haven't heard yet....we got a new kitty!  This is Maggie!  I think Daddy was a little jealous that Frank and I have become friends.  She's a total love-bug!  
 Couldn't forget a pic of my Frankiepoo....(yes, he likes being called that).  Who would've thought this self-proclaimed cat hater who never had a cat before (or even liked them) would end up with two....and like it!  Crazy!
 Vince decorated a rocket for Dom's Toy Story party (Buzz Lightyear's Rocket Ship)
 This is just me messing around with another photo app.....
 And me messing around with Vincey...

 More bike ride pics...

 Leave it to Dommy to remind me it's also important to stop and smell the flowers...I love that kid.

 Already off-roading....
 Doesn't happen often, but every once in awhile my Vince falls asleep on my lap at night.  I love the snuggles!

So tomorrow is Dom's first day at daycare EVER and Vince's first day at the new daycare (which will be his afterschool program once Kindergarten starts.)....wish us all luck!

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