Sunday, August 18, 2013

Instagram Upload

Here's the last few weeks of Instagram pics.  Enjoy:)

Vince decided to spend some of his allowance money on this round marble race contraption.  I predicted that it would end up broken by being thrown against the wall in frustration.....I was pretty close to correct.  It did get thrown but didn't hasn't been touched since.  
 This is how I get a few peaceful moments at Target...popcorn and icees.  It's to the point now that its an every Target trip ritual....we walk in the door and Vince says "I smell popcorn, lets get some!"
 These two together are wild. I mean like "belong in a zoo", wild.  So when they sit together and read quietly, it's practically a miracle....I thought it was adorable how Dom had his arm resting on Vince's shoulder.  They love each other...and drive each other crazy...but mostly love each other.
 Cool dude.....
 As ready as I think I am for Dom to start day care next week, I am so not ready to give up my nap time cuddles.  He is so soft and squishy and sweet.  I love this boy.
I've been eying some tooth fairy pillows on Etsy in preparation for Vince losing some baby teeth one of these days (that is going to be a complete disaster by the way...especially if we have to help pull one out...pray for us when the time comes).  I decided I could whip up something just as cute and save the I present to you our Ninja Tooth Fairy Pillow....not too bad, right ?!?!?!  I literally hand sewed it during their bathtime one night (which probably explains why it looks like its sewn by a 3rd grader...whatever).
The Krebbs' had everyone over for a cookout yesterday (have I mentioned how much I love our friends).  The kiddos had a good time playing in the yard...biggins vs littlins.
If you've ever had the pleasure of hearing this kid laugh then I bet you can hear it just by looking at this picture.  Greatest.Laugh.EVER!
 Silly faces!
 Yeah, this is lovely....but Miss Hannah wanted me to make silly faces with her :)
 Tickle monster....
 Vince told me before we went to their house, "Mommy, I'm gonna protect Hannah from Dom b/c she's my girl and he's just a monster." here he is, ready to kung fu fight his brother.
 Racing (they gave Dom a head start)....
Holy crap, are the big kids tired????  Thank you baby Jesus!  
 One nap recently, Dom gave me a paci after he woke up....guess I looked like I needed it :)
 This is how we roll early Sunday mornings...Rocking out in our pj's.  This sweetness only lasted a few seconds before Dom started swinging his guitar like a weapon and hit Vince right on the "funny bone" and massive tears I said, wild animals.
Dom has taken a liking to trains lately so I tried setting up Vince's old train table....I couldn't really remember how it went and we were missing some pieces (notice the foam blocks acting as a bridge to hold the tracks) but they didn't care!  To them, I build a great track and that's all that matters!  
Have a great week everyone!  See you around here next weekend!

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