Thursday, September 12, 2013

Instagram Upload

Here's a few Instagram pics from the last week....

Sheriff Vince before Dom's party...
 A little identity crisis.  Is he a Skylander? Is he Buzz Lightyear?  Is he a knight?
We've reached a new milestone.  Vince now goes with Daddy to hang with the big boys and watch football (which happened to be at a bar this time...don't judge).
Post nap giggles.  I would just like to note THIS WAS THE LAST TIME DOM GOT A PACI!  Yes, Grandparents...Dom is officially (well, 5 days) weaned off the paci!  WHOOHOO!  I thought it was going to be a nightmare but since daycare doesn't give it to him, I thought I'd give bedtime a try without it AND it worked!  He was fine! No crying, no screaming, no waking up in the middle of the night crying for it...nada, nothing.  I had no idea it would be that easy peasy.  5 days later, still going strong. SO, WE ARE A PACI FREE HOUSE!
Oh my god, I love this kid.  While Daddy and Vince were watching the football game, Dom and I went to Sweet Frog (clearly, we're the smarter ones).  He insisted on wearing his Buzz costume.  I love it.  I think its awesome that he wants to be his own person and doesn't care what others think...and that he double fists ice cream.  
 Buzz and Buzz....

Dom got these Hulk fists for his bday (thanks to Mr. Krebbs) ....we had the mask.  Vince decided to do the Hulk Smash (and scare the crap out of his baby brother).
 Yet another day of wearing $6 I've ever spent (scored it at the consignment shop).  Don't worry, Frank is big boned, he can take it.
 Vince and Mags cuddling...
 I died laughing when I saw this picture.  Somehow I managed to get Frank yawning but it looks like he's about to eat poor Maggie.
 Look who I caught snuggling.  I like that they're starting to get along.  I can't believe I have turned into a cat person.  Who woulda thunk it?
Have a good week everyone!

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