Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Prepping for the party

I can't believe its here! Dom is 2!  How is that possible?  His party (and actual bday) is this weekend but I thought I'd dress him up and let him play as Buzz and Woody to get excited for the big Toy Story Party.  

To Infinity and Beyond!
 He actually really got the hang of the scooter...I was shocked.

 If you wonder how he always gets hurt please see the next 2 pics.  He has NO fear.  He leaped over his brother....
 and landed on his face.   Look at the air that kid got.  Yes, Vince wanted to dress up too :)

 I LOVE THIS BOY!  He drives me crazy sometimes but boy oh boy does he make up for it with this sweet smile and wonderful laugh.

 Don't worry, Woody got to play too!

 "Howdy partner"

Now I have 4 days to plan and execute a party....I may have procrastinated too much :)

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