Friday, April 19, 2013

Instagram Upload

We were able to enjoy some time outside this past week before all the pollen ruined everything!  These boys LOVE LOVE LOVE playing outside.  

 This picture melts my heart.  They really do love each other and it shows here!  Such sweeties!
 I was shocked....Vince climbed the tree in our front yard.  Now granted its not a huge tree but Vince is totally my child...scared of everything.  I didn't expect him to do it...much less do it 20 times because he loved it soooo much!

 Boy is it hot out here...

 Vince and I snuck away one afternoon for dessert at Panera.  He gets his sweet tooth from his mama.  
 He took this pic of me :)
 Me and Dommy waking up from our nap.  He's so cuddly!
I had the boys help me make PBJ's.....
 This is Dom's idea of helping....

 That dirty scoundrel stole a whole piece of bread!
 We invested in a water table after seeing how much they loved playing with the bucket and hose at Justin and Sara's house....looks like it was money well spent.
 I think I've said this a million times but I LOVE these two.  They play so well together.  Now don't get me wrong, sometimes they drive me up a wall but then there's moments like these and I just love it!
 Vince reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom to Dom....Dom could care less :)
 I saw this in Vince's school art work....guess I know where Vince wants to go...
I still can't believe we had kindergarten registration last week!  Vince rocked it.  I was within ear shot and managed to snap this pic.  The screener lady told me when it was over, "He's hilarious and he's so ready for kindergarten".  As hard as its going to be on me, I know that if any kid was ever ready for school it's this kid.  He's so smart.  He just amazes me sometimes.  For example, the other day he said "mom did you know theres no gravity in space thats why they float around out there"...ummm, what?  How old are you and where did you learn this?
I'm stocking up on Xanax and tissues now.....

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