Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter and stuff

I apologize in advance that this post is a mix of all kinds of bear with me.  

This was Vince's school Spring photo....we forgot it was picture day so he ended up in his "uniform" but that cheesy smile gets me every time.  Love it!  
 When mommy takes the paci away, a wine stopper will do!  Cracked me up!  Oh and don't judge me on my ghetto "child locks" in the background.  Yeah, those would be bibs tied around the handles...its a mild deterrent for this insatiable kid!
This makes me laugh every time.  You can tell his eyes are even rolling back a little, so relaxed.  
Someone loves spaghetti!
 and puzzles...
 Vince is so good in the morning.  He gets up at the crack of dawn but he will quietly go downstairs and either play on his iPad or with his legos.  This is a set for 8-12 year olds and he's doing it all by himself (for the most part).
 Anyone remember this Elmo?  He's seen better days and he could use a bath but this boy loves him.  Its funny though b/c Vince doesn't watch Elmo anymore, could care less about "Elmo" himself BUT this is his "lovey".  He has slept with Elmo every night for years and has a hard time going to bed without him.
 The last Saturday of March every year is the annual Shuk-n-pull in Mechanicsville.  Our friends go every single year (for 18 years) and Tony has been a few times but this was my first (because I'm usually working).  Considering that I don't eat seafood and don't drink beer I was a little skeptical BUT I had a great time and it was a great day!  I hate to brag but our friends are AWESOME!  I love them!

 Here's some of the oysters.  I did try one and I regretted it immediately.  YUCK!
 I didn't however regret the funnel cake.....yummy!
 Way to go Martins!  Put a basketball hoop in the middle of the store.  Grocery shopping is suddenly transformed from the worst possible thing that could happen to a 4 year old to the best.  Score!
 My sweet boy.
 We had a playdate today with my friend Whitney and her kiddos at the Children's Museum. Dom liked the veggies....
 and the dinosaur dig...

 Ok, all the kids liked the dinosaur dig...
 But Dom REALLY liked the carousel.
 It doesn't look like it here but he LOVED it.
He gave the most pitiful face...followed by bloody murder screams when it was over.  Yeah, we had to go again....which also resulted in screams when it was over. 
 Whatcha doing Dommy?
Give this kid a hot wheels track and he's a happy camper.
 Ok, so here's our Easter post.  We planted jelly beans again this year.  The magic of Easter makes them sprout into lollypops on Easter morning.  It's pretty amazing and he was thrilled!
 Dom looks like he's trying to help plant the jelly beans but he's sneaky....all he wants is to eat them.
There's the lollypops!  
The Easter Bunny was here!  Wow, look at all the loot he left!  


Both boys got bubble blowing guns...but Vince spilled bubbles all over his pants.  Hence, the half-naked gun slinger.  
 Easter morning was rainy and cold and Dom was a teething monster SO I decided to postpone our egg hunt for a few days.  What a good choice!  Tuesday was beautiful!

 Time to see what we got!

 You gotta watch this kid....he's stealing Vince's eggs!

 The Easter Bunny brought Vince silly string.  That crazy bunny.
 But it was so much fun.

 Even mommy had fun with it!

 Yep, that would be silly string on my camera lens.  This ended the silly string fight....quickly :)  

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