Monday, April 8, 2013


Ahhhhh, first cookout of the season!  It was glorious!  Such beautiful weather, such great friends!  And I dusted my camera off to take some non-iPhone felt good!

Miss Ellie Bellie....finally getting some hair!  

 Look at this sassy girl...

 Little man Eli....
 Cheesy Vincey....
 I wish I had this much energy!

 OMG!  These kids are meant to be...look how adorable they are together!
 Our friends are amazing.  Vince asked all the guys to race him....and they did!

Then the real competition and shit-talking (pardon my language) began.  
 Yes, grown men carrying their children racing each other.  Video below!  It has been said that Tony cheated (b/c he didn't carry Dom...haha)
 Ahhh, this is our life now...5 kids!  We're almost out numbered...must stop making babies!
 That's not chocolate.  Boys will be boys, I guess....what's a little dirt in the mouth anyway??
 Yep, Dom wasn't about to let Eli get all the good dirt.
 Caught some sweet pics of daddies and their kiddos....

I love our friends!  They are a perfect fit for us!

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