Friday, November 16, 2012

Instagram Upload

I'm a little behind on the instagram upload...this is the last 2 weeks!  

The boys went with me to vote...then we went to the American dream, right?  
Where Vince got a new game called Hedbandz.  He already asks enough questions...what was I thinking?
 Mommy/Vince breakfast morning.  Daylight donuts = yummmmmy!

I had 11 days off IN A ROW!  I don't think I've ever had that much time off before!  Once we got back from the beach, it was a week of me and the kiddos.  We did a lot of this:
As much as I wish he would nap in his crib consistently, I try to remind myself that he won't want to sleep on me and snuggle for long so I try to soak it in....and forget about the dishes and laundry awaiting me.  
 This is what happens when my 1 year old wears clothes that look big enough for my 4 year old....they get in the wrong dresser....ooops!
Vince and I had a special date night on Wednesday.  We went to see Wreck it Ralph together!  It was soooo good!
I call this "2 stubborn Zatelli's butting heads".....they even have matching shirts....
Since Dom has a new skill (walking), I let him get out of the cart while we were shopping.  He LOVED it.....the Target employees, not so much.
I took Dom to the Children's museum to let him romp and roll.  It was cute seeing him with the other babies.  There was a "little" girl that was his size but just turned one.  She went to hug him but literally tackled him to the ground.  I couldn't believe a little girl took the Dominator down but it was funny....and he was not amused.

Don't let this peaceful look fool you, he's a little terrorist....I tried putting him in his crib to nap twice today so I could play with Vince but after almost 1 hour of screaming I caved.  Sometimes, my sanity has to win.
Thinking they could get some energy out, I set up the ball pit....
 it was a hit....especially with the cat....
Vince has named me the Queen of Angry Birds Star Wars so when we saw the actual Jenga Angry Birds Death Star game, we had to get it and play.
 Just a typical family Friday night hanging out at Toys R Us....Vince, I am your father....
 AHHHHHH, yes, just what mommy needed.....
 Batman guarding our table at Plaza Azteca....
As our after dinner treat, we all got Starbucks and a cream puff....Vince tried his first Starbucks hot chocolate...not a fan....

Its been a great vacation week and I still have 3 more days off!  

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