Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

We did our 2nd annual Halloween Trick or Treating at Erin K's mom's house.  She is such a gracious host and even made everyone dinner!  YUM!  Here's the starting point....the kids love the giant pumpkin!
 This is Erin's brother and his little girl.....interesting costume, huh?
 Sweet little Hannah as Dorothy.....
 My turtles!
 Group shot.
 Erin's nephew, Drew.  Vince loves him!
 Miss Ellie as the Cowardly Lion....
 Time for some candy!
Dom hitching a ride with Ellie.  This lasted about 5 minutes before he was screaming bloody murder and we were forced to carry him around the neighborhood....we took a lot of turns.  Tired, cold Dom is not a beast to mess with.  We had to cut trick or treating a little short.

This wasn't the final was actually pretty close to full at the end but again, I was carrying a 25lb monster and didn't have hands for the camera :)
Hope everyone had a happy halloween!  

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